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COVID-19 Vaccine Study Screening Appt.

Find Out if You Qualify to Participate in an Investigational Study

  • Pre-Screen by Telephone to be Called When Study is Enrolling

Descripción del servicio

1. Call our Screening Department directly at (214) 550-0354 or (972) 636-1822 to see if you qualify to participate in an investigational COVID-19 vaccine study. As soon as a study is officially enrolling, those who have undergone preliminary phone screening will be called, and an in-office screening visit will be scheduled. Make sure to mention that you learned about the study on

Política de cancelación

Scheduled appointments should be cancelled at least one business day in advance if possible to allow Research Your Health time to reschedule the spot.

Detalles del contacto

(972) 999-1155, x105

COVID-19 Vaccine Research Center in Plano, TX Research Your Health, West Parker Road, Plano, TX, USA

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